Consumers have more choices than ever before. Awareness isn’t the battleground - brand love is. We need to build deeper relationships with consumers. To truly connect, we need to understand their “human link” to the world around them.


We believe that clients need a media agency that is fast, brave, decisive, and simple - in short - FBDS:

We move fast to stay in front of media and business  changes  so we can connect with new opportunities while they are still fresh and valuable.

We are brave in our relationships, giving clients honest opinions, applicable advice and bold recommendations.

We are decisive when dealing with complex problems, giving clients actionable recommendations. 

We make what is complex, simple and what is simple, compelling.  

These principles shape who we are, how we work, and how we build relationships with clients.


Our positioning sets us apart. Our proven ability to turn data into rich consumer insights, combined with our deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and evolving needs, is a potent combination. This complementary union of strategy and service results in powerful solutions that help build brands and business partnerships on a foundation of trust and respect. 

Globally, Initiative is a communications network within  IPG Mediabrands, which is one of the world’s eminent media service entities and a part of the Interpublic Group. 


We believe that innovation ideas need to be grounded in fact. It’s our combination of technology, tools, andd work that turns marketing complexity into simple, compelling strategy. This approach is ingrained in our DNA.

We are in the people and relationships business. People matter. Our business is built upon truly collaborative partnerships where we challenge clients to act, and tackle their business issues with you.